Victor Frankenstein

Apr 27, 2015

What:     Victor Frankenstein Trailer

Role:       Composer

Song:      Break On Through (To The other Side) Cover

Where:   20th Century Fox

Update 3/31/16:

At last, the Victor Frankenstein cover of Break on through is here! For how long I don’t know but get it while you can. Break On Through features the searing vocals of Sean Van Vleet from the band empires. Check them out, they RAWK:

*Update 12/4/15:

I will have news about the remix/cover of Break On Through soon. Please visit: Josh Mobley Music and keep in touch there. When there is news, that’s were you will find out about it.


The international Trailer For Victor Frankenstein just dropped and it has a remix/cover of “break On Through” That I did awhile back. Pleasantly surprised to see it finally placed! Unfortunately, The cover for break on through is not available yet. In the meantime, here is a remix/cover of Voodoo Child that I did with an awesome band called Brick+Mortar that is in the same vein. Please check this out in the meantime!:

For licensing Inquires please contact:

Full Song👇👇👇

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