Go90 Engagement Campaign

Nov 5, 2018

  • What: Go90 Engagement Campaign

  • Client: Verizon

  • Role: Composer/Sound Designer

Case Study:

Campaign Execution

  1. Soundtrack: The music and sound design for these videos was custom-created to enhance the overall impact of the visuals. The soundtrack was not just an accompaniment but a significant part of the storytelling, adding depth and complexity to the short videos. The sound design also played a crucial role in reinforcing the branding message.

  2. Video Creation: Each of the videos was crafted to capture attention immediately, adhering to the six-second constraint. This forced the content to be concise and engaging right from the start. The use of diverse themes and styles ensured that the campaign had broad appeal and kept audiences curious for the next installment.

  3. Logo Integration: Even though the go90 logo was presented in an abstract manner in each video, its consistent appearance created brand reinforcement, ensuring the brand name stuck in viewers' minds.

  4. Personal Observations: This was a thrilling project to be a part of. The eye-catching in-your-face animations went from balloons rising to eyeballs exploding with fire. That, really got my creative juices flowing when putting sound to picture. These animators are extremely talented. I feel lucky to have been a part of this cheeky spasm of internet goodness.

Watch all ten videos (or just one) 👇👇👇

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Ready to make your next project shine?

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