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Apr 16, 2019

Finding out that Apple had decided to do a feature on me was an absolute shock. Apple – a titan of the tech world had noticed…me. A whole team came to my house and spent the day taking pictures, asking questions and generally just being awesome. The team also gave my dog Roscoe a ton of attention. It was an incredible experience and I am forever grateful.

Here are some nice excerpts:

Philosophy: "As a sound designer—the person who creates all those beautiful blips, chimes, and short melodies—Mobley’s goal is to compose audio that complements an app without demanding your attention. “If a sound stands out too much, I’m not doing my job,” he says. “Sound is something that’s almost felt, not heard.”

Testimonial: “When Clear launched, people would create lists just to archive them and hear the ‘complete’ sound over and over again,” he says. One fan went even further. “He took all of the sounds and made a song with it,” Mobley says. “It’s really humbling, and it kind of validates my obsessive nature with this stuff.”

Featured Works: You’re probably familiar with Mobley’s work, even if you don’t know it. He created the very pleasing jackpot sound that plays whenever you complete a task in the productivity app Clear. And if you’ve ever enjoyed a fierce game of Heads Up!, or organized your contacts with Cardhop, you’ve encountered Mobley’s compositions.

Work Process: "Mobley begins his design process by figuring out the type of sound he needs. It generally falls into one of two categories....Whatever he’s working on, Mobley sticks to the upper registers. “Those frequencies tend to trigger your ear more,” he says. Plus higher-register sounds just seem happier, he adds."

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Ready to make your next project shine?

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