Carrie Trailer Song

Oct 18, 2013

What:     Carrie Trailer Song

Role:       Remixer

Song:      Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

Where:   Theatres

The trailer for the movie Carrie uses a portion of a remix I did of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” covered by Lykke Li in a live performance.

Update 10/6/14

It’s been a over a year now and I’ve noticed that people are still fascinated with Lykke Li’s cover of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” that I remixed and reworked for the Carrie Movie Trailer. “Carrie Trailer Song” is a search term that I still see quite a bit of referring traffic from.

Originally, I was only supposed to remix a portion of of Lykke’s version. I had no master vocal so I just straight up ripped it from the original youtube video:

As I got into it though, I felt compelled to finish the whole thing. Adding those darker layers and musical flourishes give it a hint of unease and distress that weirdly and perfectly meshed with Lykke Li’s Performance. Building out the end of the song to a crescendo is pretty much mandatory for any movie trailer that’s action, scifi, thriller etc but, I would have done it anyway because it just felt right.

The final touch after adding all of the hits and impacts was to sample a bunch of old cuckoo clocks and work them in. That, was the final piece to the puzzle that made it complete.

So, there you have it.

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