Sonos Play:5 Touch Strip Sound Design

I’m pleased to announce that Sono’s awesome new Play:5 speaker comes with sounds designed by Josh Mobley Music. Specifically, The touch strip. There were many interactions to think about during the sound design process. What makes a flat surface feel tactile? Can you give shape to it? Can they be heard over and over again without driving the listener mad or, distracting from the music? Obviously, the answer is yes.

Finding just the right amount of tonality that didn’t clash with the music and, a percussive (transient) impact that gives you just the right amount of tactile feedback was challenging. After all, we are talking about sound design playing over music. The answer that we arrived at became obvious after several iterations. The highlight of the project had to be working (briefly) with Giles Martin. If you don’t know who that is, do the Google.

Check it it out: Sonos Play:5

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