LabTv Online Soundtrack

I Was lucky enough to be the principle composer for the online educational web series, Labtv. Here is the official Description:

Science & Engineering Rock!

Videos for teachers, students, science fans about scientists & engineers in the US Dept. of Defense creating new technologies-from lasers to flying robots to computers that think & talk.


To help teachers connect with students and get them excited about learning science and math. To create more future scientists and engineers, who will go on to develop great new ideas to improve our world.

Company Overview

LabTV is an educational video channel for teachers, students and science fans of all ages. LabTV makes learning fun with short, fast-paced stories about scientists and engineers in the US Department of Defense who create groundbreaking technologies – from lasers to flying robots to computers that think and talk. LabTV shows how exciting science and math are in the real world.

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